Signs of Arraml

Science of ARRAML

The basic science in ARRAML is a dot and its secret is that it is singular.  Due to the fact that there are four natural elements, fire, air, water, and soil, and they are represented with the concept of a singular point for each element, they are denoted by a dot ().  Also, because fire is lighter than air and air is lighter than water and water is lighter than soil, and in addition to the physics that the heavier element can carry or bare the lighter element, the order of elements is given as follows: fire, air, water, soil or FAWS

·        Fire      (F)

·        Air       (A)

·        Water (W)

·        Soil      (S)

Because the above elements mix and trade position, each element can transfer between the four positions.  This way, some positions will have two dots ( ), which equals a line ().   Since there are 4 elements and 4 positions, then there would be 16 unique shapes, where each shape is made of lines or dots or both.  These 16 shapes have domiciled in 16 homes to create one completed combination of ARRAML result possibilities.

In fact, there are 16 to the power of 16 combinations that are possible to result, which is astronomically large. 


The 16 SHAPES are known for following names:


Name of the Shape #1: Jawdala

Name of the Shape #2: Al-Ahyan

Name of the Shape #3: Joy Flag

Name of the Shape #4: White

Name of the Shape #5: Soft Cheeks

Name of the Shape #6: Step-out

Name of the Shape #7: Redness

Name of the Shape #8: Al-Ankies

Name of the Shape #9: Victory-Out

Name of the Shape #10: Okla

Name of the Shape #11: Meeting

Name of the shape #12: Victory-In

Name of the shape #13: Road

Name of the shape #14: Money-Out

Name of the shape #15: Group

Name of the shape #16: Money-In


The Names of the Homes and their Meanings / Indications are:


Home #1 (Home of Luck / Omen): Luck, Fortune, Omen, Soul, Mind, Spirit, Body,

Life, Utterance, Start of matters and goals or objectives. Initial life of human being.

Home #2 (Home of Earnings / Income): Money matters, Financials, Buying, Selling, Business, Trade, Taking and giving, Settlement or management of an individual of his financial affairs. This is a house of prey, looting, gaining, profiting, taking advantage, and drawing benefits. For example through war, winning the lotto and games as well as law suits causing financial gains. Making a living, acquisition, winning, treasure, buried treasure. The children of uncles and aunts (first cousins) and anything related to the mother.

Home #3 (Home of Happiness): Brothers, sisters, in-laws, people of news media and

quoted reporters, traveling within the vicinity, close move.

Home #4 (Home of Parents): Fathers, mothers, property, estate, residence, least result of

all matters. The lost item, and the subject, which is asked by the inquirer. This is a house

of murder, trivial illnesses, husbands (possibly boyfriends) of the mother. Stored supplies

and materials. Caves, treasure, tilling, cultivation and growing, a dark place.

Home #5 (Home of Children): Happiness, celebration, joy, children, gifts, clothes,

messengers, news, soldiers and horses (military \ cavalry). House of need, pregnancy,

rains. House of praise and dispraise, which will be rewarded after death.

Home #6 (Home of Anxiety / Worries):  Illnesses, anxiety, sorrow, grief, divorce, Loneliness, thieves, being jailed by a judge or governor, accusations, lies, slaves and slaveholders, live stock (domesticated animals). Half brothers having the same mother.

Home #7 (Home of Marriage):Bed, marital and sexual relationships, marriage,

partnership (business or otherwise), transportation, humanitarian goals and intentions,

current ruler. House of plaintiff, absent, missing or absent because of travels, ancestors of

mother, the house of great controversy, description of the designated or intended country.

House of fighters, judgment in middle of ones age or life.

Home #8 (Home of Death):Death, fear, nothingness, inheritance, desired debts

(Indebtedness), jails of. Hose of in-laws from brothers, final years of life (age). House of

dangerous place and situation, blood, killing, crucifixion.

Home #9 (Home of Travel):Travels, moving of residence or changes business location,

science, worship, pilgrimage, visits. Seeing of dreams and what will happen to one.

Brothers of his wife, slave of his father and first cosine.

Home # 10 (Home of Government): Might, power, glory, government, promotion, higher ranks, states, servants, professions, shame, remembrance, matters of the hereafter, meditation, people’s affairs. House of a woman’s children from another biological father.

Home #11 (Home of Hope/ Intention): Hope and expectations. House of the ruling

class’s wealth.  House of brothers and uncles. House of long or long distance moves and

the description of the intended country.  House of socializing and companionship and

friends.  House of government ministers and subordinates.

Home # 12 (Home of Enemy):Enemies, contradictions, stubborn resistance. House of a

jealous and envious person. House of tricks and anxiety, difficulty and hardship. House

of long and far travels. House of jails and bad things, and spoiled present time. House of

servants and maids and big riding animals.

Home #13 (Home of Inquirer / Seeker): Inquirer and his secrets within about the intended subject of this ARRAML. This house strengthens the first house and indicates the same as what the first house does.

Home #14 (Home of Object):The Home of the desired or intended or wanted subject.

House of prevention and obstacles. This house strengthens the tenth house and indicates

the same as what the tenth house does.

Home #15 (Home of Balance): Home of balance and judge or referee. House of measure

and weighing and agriculture. This house strengthens the seventh house and indicates the same as what the seventh house does.

Home #16 (Home of Final Results): Exit from country or home, house of empty, defeat,

and escape. House of the very final results. This house strengthens the fourth house and

indicates the same as what the fourth house does.



Please be careful not to mix homes and shapes.  A shape could consist of a minimum of four dots and up to a maximum of four lines, which equals eight dots.  Each shape could also have several meanings such as:  color, taste, profession, geographical direction, state of feelings, part of body, day of week, state of health, matters of love.  These shapes will indicate the state of past, present, and future.  A home is a meaningful place, where a shape could appear and there are 16 of them.

Homes 1, 5, 9, 13 are fire type homes. 

Homes 2, 6, 10, 14 are air type homes. 

Homes 3, 7, 11, 15 are water type homes. 

Homes 4, 8, 12, 16 are soil type homes.


The famous domicile of the 16 shapes in their 16 homes is shown below.  This is called

the circle or original domicile.

In any domicile’s type, the number of possible result combinations, where a combination is referred to a unique set of 16 shapes in 16 homes, is calculated by raising 16 to the power 4, which equals to 65,536.


By rolling four sets of four dice, a total of 16 shapes residing in 16 homes are obtained.  The appearance of a shape in a home will point to meanings that would guide in interpreting the results.  Before rolling you have to be prepared physically and mentally; you must also think a wish before you attempt to roll for the last time.


can be used for the following situations and more: By using the “ARRAML” science it is possible to know about past, present, and future of each and everything. It can be used to resolve numerous and unlimited problems in today’s society.  It can be used to know about:  love, friendship, marriage, divorce, children, money making matters, partnerships, agreements, missing persons, absent people, lost items, sickness & sick people, pregnancy, suspects of crimes, thieves, financial loans, business, trading, buying/selling, real estates, job interview, employment, inheritance and will, reason of death, cheating partner, titles & positions at work, travel, accidents, court cases & trails, questions of gilt and innocence, war, result of elections, integrity of rulers & governors, faith of prisoners, intention of enemies, location of treasures, accuracy of scientific findings, daily activities, and many other issues. “ARRAML” is an extraordinary science, which you can learn (by using) the answers to any question starting with:  Who, how, when, where, what about any desired issue.  For example:  description of a suspect, whereabouts, clothing colors, location (East, West, North, South), condition, profession (worker, doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer, …) and more.  Even, able to extract the name of the suspect, country, location, individual, etc… 


A summary of the literal results are provided on site; for a charge, professional reading and detailed interpretations are available by emailing your password to: