Origins / History of ARRAML:

 Enoch (Peace be upon him), also known as Henoch (teacher), was the eldest son of Cain, who named his city after himself. He is the seventh in genealogical order after Adam; therefore, the seventh master of the world, son of Jared, and father of Methuselah. He is thought, by some, to symbolize perfected humanity, "a man raised to heaven by pleasing God, while angels fell to earth by transgression.".  He is called Edris (the learned) in the Holy Koran, and has invented the art of writing and the sciences of arithmetic, astronomy and “ARRAML  Arraml is an Arabic word, which means “SAND.” This name was chosen, because Edris (p.b.u.h) worked the Arraml results using notations and drawing symbols on sand. Allah (God) sent Edris to his people, where astrology was widely accepted and used in everyday life.

 One day Edris was walking on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where he ran across a stranger, who called him (Edris) by name. This surprised Edris greatly, because, he had no prior knowledge and acquaintance with this stranger. In response to Edris’ inquiry about the stranger’s personal knowledge of his name, he received the answer that Allah (God) taught him a science, which made it possible to know and tell his name.

 The stranger then, offered Edris to also learn this science. Edris accepted. The stranger drew on the sand a series of lines and dots, because no paper was available in that time period. The above event happened at a time when earth was covered with rocks and sand. Since the stranger originally used the sand to draw on, this science was called “ARRAML” which means “SAND” in Arabic.  Then, the stranger taught Edris this science. He turned to Edris and asked him to find out where the Angel Gabriel (p.b.u.h.) is now, using this science.  Edris drew the lines and dots on the sand and told the stranger that, if this science is  true, then, the results show that Angel Gabriel in not in the sky and must be on earth. Furthermore, that the questioner (inquirer: The stranger) is the Angel Gabriel. This was true. So, it is believed that Allah (God) sent the Angel Gabriel to teach Edris this science, who later brought (introduced)  this “ARRAML” science to his people.

 After people learned “ARRAML,” they were able to find the unique answer to the question: “Did God send a messenger and what is his name?” using this science.  To which, the answer of “ARRAML” was: Yes, God sent a messenger and his name is Edris. This is how they found faith and believed in Edris….

 Using the “ARRAML” science it is possible to know about past, present, and future of each and everything. The The linguistic (dictionary) translation of  “ARRAML” is “Geomancy  It can be used to resolve numerous  problems in today’s society.  “ARRAML” can be used to make decisions on any issue. “ARRAML”  is an extraordinary science, you can learn.  By using it, you can answers all the questions starting with: who, how, when, where, what about any desired issue. For example, the description of a suspect, whereabouts, clothing colors, location, condition, profession (worker, doctor, lawyer, teacher, engineer, …) and more. Even, able to extract the name of the suspect.

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