These readings are not fortunes but are predictions used for the purposes shown below but also may indicate your fortunes. However, these predictions, indications, and visions will help you to have better luck, fortunes, and answers toward conflicts, questions, desires, and directions for the present and future along with conclusions for the past. These readings are based upon a history and science dating to at least 5,000 - 7,000 years ago incorporated in today's current internet technology. These predictions are practical tools and indicators for the resolution of the many day to day difficult life issues.

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(unless described as free, see the above Al-Imam Ali's Vision)

Arraml reading (instant online) Geomancy/Vision using Arraml dice (Ilm Al-Raml). $19.95
Arraml reading (professional through email) $39.95
Power Square (instant online) Matrixes for power and a variety of issues. $29.95
Power Square (professional through email) $49.95+ (email for quote)
Personal Nature (instant online) Compatibility between individuals and relationships. $14.95
Personal Nature (professional through email) $39.95
Prophet Daniel's Vision (instant online) A vision using grains for readings. $7.95
Imam Ali's Vision Using the holy book, Koran, for a vision by Imam Ali's method, who is the second important person in Islam. FREE
SHEIK MUHYIDDEAN'S VISION For Marriage: Man, Woman, and any common issues. FREE

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